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Visiting Information

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Visiting the Yuba County Jail

Effective Monday February 20, 2023 the attached visiting schedule will take effect.  This schedule complies with Title 15 requirements, which states, “For sentenced incarcerated persons in Type I facilities and all incarcerated persons in Type II, III, and IV facilities there shall be allowed no fewer than two visits totaling at least one hour per incarcerated person each week.” 
Each inmate shall be allowed no more than three (3) visitors per visit. 

Visiting Schedule

         The Yuba County Sheriff's Department has established a visiting policy to allow the inmates who are incarcerated in our
facility the opportunity to maintain social relationships with family and friends.

Our facility is located in Marysville, on Sixth Street between "B" Street and "C" Street, on the back side of the
Courthouse. All visits are conducted at the basement level of the facility. Access to the visitor's lobby includes a stairwell
and an elevator. Access and visiting space for the handicapped is available.

Visiting is conducted daily, seven days a week. The day and time of visits is determined by the cell assignment of the
inmate. All inmates are allowed two visits per week, one of which will be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday. Visiting
schedules are posted in the inmate housing and in the Central Control and Visiting lobbies.

Every person wishing to visit is required to register with the visiting clerk prior to the beginning of the visiting period.
Due to the limited number of spaces available for visiting, any visitor arriving after the commencement of the visiting
period cannot be guaranteed their full visit, although every effort will be made to accommodate them.