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Pay Property Taxes


BY MAIL For your convenience, your bill was mailed out with one or two (depending on the number of installments due) self-addressed return envelopes to make it easier for you to mail in your check or money order payment(s). All payments being mailed in must be received or legibly postmarked by the United States Postal Service by the delinquent date in order to be accepted as a timely payment. All payments should be made payable to the YUBA COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR. If you do not have the return envelopes from us, please mail your payment to:
Yuba County Tax Collector
915 8th Street, Suite 103
Marysville CA 95901-5273

IN PERSON Property tax payments are gladly accepted in person, in our office, in the form of cash, check, or money order. We are open to the public Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm with the exception of holidays.

CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, &/OR E-CHECK Credit card, debit card, and e-check payments can be processed online or over-the-phone through an automated service; at this time, we are not set-up to process your credit/debit card transactions at the counter.  These payments are processed by a third party vendor and are subject to convenience fees that are charged by that vendor; all fees are disclosed prior to the transaction being completed. When making a credit card or e-check payment, please be sure to make note of your confirmation number. Please be aware that defaulted taxes can only be paid with a credit card, debit card, or e-check through the online option, not by phone. 
To pay ONLINE, Click Here and you will be taken directly to the payment site. Be sure to have your assessment or parcel number available to pull up your property tax information. All assessment and parcel numbers must be entered in their true format which consists of 12 numeric digits and three dashes (ie: 123-456-789-000), found in the upper left-hand section of your bill. All online payments are processed by a third-party vendor and are subject to a convenience fee based on the payment type being utilized. These fees are paid directly to the vendor at the time of payment; they are not charged by or provided to the County. Online payment fees are as follows: credit card transactions are subject to a fee of 2.25%, debit card  transactions are subject to a  fee of $3.95, and e-check transactions are subject to a fee of $2.50.
To pay by PHONE, Call (844) 738-4027 to be connected with the automated payment system. Be sure to have your assessment or parcel number and the amount due available. All assessment numbers must be entered in as a 12-digit number, found in the upper left-hand section of your bill. All phone payments are processed by a third-party vendor and are subject to a convenience fee which is paid directly to the vendor at the time of payment; these fees are not charged by or provided to the County. 

DROP BOX Our payment drop box is available for use during busier times only (December 1st thru 10th and April 1st thru 10th). Our drop box is located just inside the main entrance of the Government Center (directly across from the security station/metal detector).

When using it, please DO NOT deposit cash into the drop box; checks and money orders only, please. 

Drop Box2 - Copy

ACH For those individuals or companies that have an aggregate tax amount owing that exceeds $50,000.00 annually, you are required (as per California Revenue & Taxation Code §2503.2(b)) to remit your payment for property taxes by way of ACH. Please contact our office at (530) 749-7840 to request payment instructions if you do not already have them. All corresponding payment stubs must be remitted to our office prior to the receipt of the electronic funds; if corresponding payment stubs are not remitted or received, you may be subject to a $1.50 duplicate fee per parcel should we regenerate them or your payment may be rejected altogether due to lack of instruction. 

IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY PAID OFF YOUR MORTGAGE AND NO LONGER HAVE AN IMPOUND/ESCROW ACCOUNT FOR YOUR TAXES and you received an Assessee Copy of your tax bill, please contact our office and we will remail a bill to you that has installment (payment) stubs on it. 

•If you are mailing your payment in and you require a receipt, please mail in your entire bill with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we will stamp your bill paid and return it to you. Without the self-addressed, stamped envelope, we will not be able to return your receipt/bill to you and it will remain in our office for one year. 
•If you are paying in person, we can either stamp your bill paid or process your payment while you wait and provide you with a system generated receipt. 
•If you lose your receipt, you can pull up a copy (available for current year and one year prior only) of your bill which will show "PAID" on each installment that has been paid, along with the date that the payment was posted, and print it for your records at no charge. In order to do so, clink on the "Click Here" link above under Credit Card Payments, follow the instructions to find your parcel or assessment number, click on "View Details," and once in, click "View Tax Bill". From there, a PDF version of your bill will generate and you can print it out or save it for your records.