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River Levels

Current River Levels

Yuba County has three rivers and one creek we monitor: the Yuba River, the Feather River, the Bear River, and Dry Creek. During the winter months, it's not unusual for our region to endure significant storms.

To track river levels, Yuba County OES turns to the California Nevada River Forecast Center. (CNRFC) (NOAA). This resource also considers forecasted rain, projected runoff, snow melt, and reservoir releases to anticipate river levels in the coming days.

To check the forecasted levels for our rivers, click on these links:

YubaRiver  FeatherRiver

BearRiver  DryCreek

Drowning is the number one cause of deaths during a flood event. Remember the following:

  • Never walk or drive through flowing water.
  • Shallow, but fast-moving water can knock you off your feet. Even 12 inches of water – just a foot – is enough to lift a car off the ground and carry it into deeper, faster moving water. The depth of the water is not always obvious, especially if the road has been washed out.
  • Follow the recommended evacuation route. Don’t attempt to take shortcuts or go around safety barriers, or you may end up in harm's way. The barriers are there for a reason.
  • Be careful driving at night, when flood hazards are more difficult to identify.
  • Watch and listen for updates and changes to evacuation routes.