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Dashboard FAQs


Where does the data on the dashboard come from?

Who gets counted on the dashboard?

Do the tests include antibodies?

Can you explain what are false positives, false negatives, and the difference between the two?

How many people are hospitalized with COVID and how many are hospitalized due to COVID?

Why are the numbers on the dashboard different than the numbers on the National COVID site?

Why are people recovering at such slow rate when I thought it only took two weeks to recover. Shouldn't we be seeing higher numbers being recovered?

If a person tests positive more than once, are they counted more than once in positive numbers?

Can you provide the actual mortality rate?

If out-of-county (OOC) patients are in our hospital for COVID, is that number counted against us?

How do we get from the purple tier to the red tier?

I am wondering if when someone tests positive and are asymptomatic, do they move to the symptomatic count if symptoms develop?

Where are people contracting COVID from?

Can asymptomatic people spread COVID?