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Fictitious Business Name Statements

A Fictitious Business Name Statement (FBN) is to let the public know the identities of those doing business for profit under a fictitious name.  

Assembly Bill 878 Public Notice:
Effective January 1, 2024, for privacy reasons, Fictitious Business Name filings will no longer require the registered owner/registrant's residence address. The business' mailing address will be required.  This change applies to originals, amendments, renewals, abandonments, and withdrawal FBN filings, as well as Proof of Publication.  The new forms must be used for all filings processed after January 1, 2024.

Fictitious Business Name Statement
Fictitious Business Name State of Abandonment
Fictitious Business Name Statement of Withdrawal of Partnership


FBN Statements must be filed in the county where the principal place of business is located or with the clerk of Sacramento County if you do not have a place of business in this state.

  • Anyone who regularly transacts business in the state for profit under a fictitious business name must file a Fictitious Business Name Statement within 40 days of starting business.
  • Filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement does not reserve the name for exclusive use.  The filing is for consumer protection. 
  • The County Clerk cannot refuse to file a FBN because the name is already in use.
  • If there is a conflict between business owners using the same or similar names, it is a legal matter between the business owners.
  • All information on a Fictitious Business Name Statement is public record, including residence addresses.  Anyone can purchase copies of the statement.
  • A Fictitious Business Name Statement is not a business license.  For information about a business license, contact the Yuba County Treasurer & Tax Collector for businesses in the unincorporated area of Yuba County, for businesses in the city limits of Marysville contact the Marysville City Clerk and for businesses located in the city limits of Wheatland, contact the Wheatland City Clerk.
  • Before filing your statement, make sure the information is correct and complete.  You cannot make changes once it has been filed.  If information is wrong or missing it will require a new filing.
  • All registrants must list their business mailing address.
  • FBN statements are valid for five years from the date filed, unless there is a change in any information (except the registered owners address).  A change requires a new statement be filed within 40 days. 
  • Fee:  $30 for the first business name and registrant and an additional $5 for each additional business name or registrant.