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Democracy Suite Voting System

Beginning with the March 2020 Presidential Primary Election Yuba County Voters will use the new Democracy Suite Voting System.

Voting at a Polling Site

All voters will cast a paper ballot.  Precinct voters have the option of marking their paper ballot or using the touchscreen tablet to mark their ballot.  The touchscreen tablet also provides voters the ability to mark their ballot through audio instructions.
Vote by Mail
Vote by Mail voters will receive a paper ballot in the mail approximately 29 days before the election. Beginning with the March 3, 2020 Primary Election voters will not be required to pay postage when returning their voted ballot.
What will my new ballot look like?
Voters who vote by mail or choose to mark their ballot at a polling site will receive a ballot requiring the voter to fill in the bubble.    See a sample "fill in the bubble" ballot here.

Voters who use the touchscreen tablet will make their selections on the touchscreen. After they have made all of their selections the system will print a paper ballot showing a summary of the voter’s selections.  See a sample "Touchscreen Voted Ballot" here.

How do I mark my paper ballot?
Voters who hand mark their ballot will fill in the bubble to make their selection.

Does the tablet keep a record of my votes?
No.  The tablet does not keep any information about how a person voted in its memory.  The only record of votes is the paper ballot printed.  Voters MUST put their printed ballot in the ballot box.
Will every precinct have a touchscreen tablet?
Yes.  Every precinct will have at least one tablet for voters who choose to use the marking device.
What if I want to make a change after I have printed my ballot.
Notify the poll worker who can spoil your touchscreen ballot and activate a new ballot for you.
Is this new system certified by the Secretary of State?
Yes.  This system has undergone end-to-end testing, including functional testing, source code review, red team security testing with experts and accessibility and volume testing.  In compliance with SOS certification standards, no part of the new voting system connects to the internet at any time or electronically receives or transmits election data through any type of external communication network.  The system encrypts data and requires successful completion of a two-step authentication process before anyone can access data.
How will ballots be counted?
Ballots are counted on a high speed scanner.  A digital image of every ballot is created when scanned.   

Find more information about accessible voting here.