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Yuba County GIS

About Yuba County GIS SiteESRIgeoweb20_2_lg

This site presents information about the GIS programs, the map data, and map products currently available and current Yuba County Internet Mapping Applications.

Many activities are underway that support the development of a centralized GIS repository within the County of Yuba. Please browse the various pages and online applications contained within this site to learn more about the effort to utilize GIS to improve the efficiency of doing business in Yuba County.

Our Mission
The Yuba County GIS mission is to deliver top value to the region by providing efficient, quality GIS leadership, coordination, infrastructure, and services that meet the business needs of Yuba County and the communities we serve.

Our Services
Yuba County GIS staff aide in the coordination of data creation, maintenance, application installation, development and training for all departments within the county and associated participating agencies. Evaluation of software, hardware, policies and procedures and implementing business practices for maintaining an enterprise GIS presence within the county is the primary goal for our GIS staff. As well as providing the means to distribute useful information to citizens of Yuba County. 

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What Is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer technology that combines geographic data (the location of human-made and natural features on the earths surface) and other types of information (names, classifications, addresses and much more) to generate visual maps and reports. The Yuba County enterprise GIS is a multi-faceted program that supports and promotes coordinated "location-based" data development, analysis and access across jurisdictional and departmental boundaries.  Image result for gis layers