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Yuba County launches new 3D zoning software for residents & developers

Yuba County is making it easier for residents and developers to build and improve on their properties with the launch of a new 3D zoning software system.

With development codes and land-use information to navigate, building a shed, patio covering, or housing subdivision typically relied on a visit to the Government Center, and the research of staff juggling multiple projects. Now, with the launch of Gridics—a digital zoning platform – it’s more efficient than ever to build in Yuba County. 

“Yuba County is always looking for ways to better serve our community, and this technology is one way of doing that,” Assistant Director of Yuba County Community Development Kevin Perkins said. “We hope that bridging the gap between the public, and the information they need to develop, will cut down on unintended red tape and hurdles.”

This interactive software allows users to search their address or parcel number and view details like current zone, existing building and land-use, allowed uses, school district, additional regulations, boundaries, specific plans, and links to relevant development codes. This information will increase efficiency, promote transparency, and expedite project timelines. 

Users can access this interactive zoning map, zoning check, and zoning/land development codes on our website: